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Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Blonde



Commercial / Industrial

Training & Education

Waterfront Conservatory and Playhouse:

Unarmed Stage Combat                    Carla Pantoja

Linklater I                                              Jenna May Cass

Advanced Scene Study                       Rachael Adler

Voice I                                                    Lisa Anne Porter

Studio Magnetic:

Meisner Technieque (2 years)           Rachael Adler

American Conservatory Theater:

Macbeth Workshop                            Giles Havergal                    

Studio A.C.T (9 years)                          Various Instructors

SF Acting Academy:

Comfort for the Camera                     Deb Fink

Acting for Film                                      Michael Navarra


San Francisco State University 

B.A. Degree in Communication Studies (Minor in Theater)

Ohlone College

A.A. Degree in Liberal Arts



Southern: (white & blue collar)

New York: (white & blue collar)

British: (RP, Estuary, Cockney)



ADR Experience

Stage Combat Experience

Color Guard/Pagentry (6 years)

Jazz Dance Training (4 years)

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